Money Clip Wallet: A Better Way To Organise Your Everyday


We're feeling stoked at Blackinkk. After the stellar launch of our branding, we’re following it up this week with a fresh take on our Money Clip Wallet. Retaining our signature minimalist aesthetic with refined details, it’s a style that doesn’t beg for attention but captures it all the same.

Join us as we review this minimalist icon and discuss how the design has evolved. 



Our original Money Clip Wallet (pictured above) was first previewed at The Finders Keepers Market in Sydney and The Big Design Market Melbourne back in November / December 2019. This gave us the opportunity to hear feedback firsthand which we always love. 

People loved the extra functionality, minimalist design and supple leather — safe to say we were thrilled! It also proved that the desire for a traditional “clip bar” was still alive and kicking.

With the positive first impression from customers, we officially launched it across our store and socials in February 2020. It's since remained unchanged, save for a limited edition ‘Boss Range’ (black/red leather version).

As 2021 rolled around, we felt it was time for an update. So we got to work refining the design and this was the result.



The inspiration behind these updates was largely based on reevaluating the design and thinking about how it could be improved. We hadn't had any complaints from customers so we exercised restraint and kept the changes to subtle design elements.

Our main aim was to create a more snug fit for cards and cash. So we increased the width by 2mm and shortened the length by the same. This way it could nicely fit one to two cards without the stress of them slipping out. Plus, with the supple flexibility of kangaroo leather, it could naturally stretch over time to fit eight cards or more if desired.


We also closed the gap between the interior folds to keep the contents tighter and increased stitching all over. There's now precision stitching around the perimeter and down the spine as well as reinforcements on the interior folds.

The difference this has made to the fit of the cards cannot be understated — the tension of sliding a card in for the first time is almost palpable.


A subtle lip was also added to the exterior pockets. It elevates the aesthetic and creates a more harmonious design by mirroring the rounded corners. Overall, the refined design takes the wallet's flow, strength and functionality to the next level.



We’re always striving to improve every detail in the process whilst carefully following our values of sustainability, minimalism and quality.

Kangaroo leather is thinner and stronger than other leathers, lending itself perfectly to a small but mighty wallet. In particular, we use vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather, a process that uses natural colours and plant-based ingredients to achieve deep colours and develops a beautiful natural patina. After a rigorous search, we finally settled on three Australian based tanners that shared the same dedication to quality materials as us.

But how does the leather transform into a wallet? Once the design has been hand-drawn and revised to a final version, it's recreated with CAD (computer-aided design) technology and ready to cut. We originally hand-cut everything ourselves but it was impossible to produce the consistent results we wanted.

Now we use a hand-operated, leather die cutter which allows us to cut to exact specifications, for a precise size and shape every time and creates a better wallet for our customers.

After the leather has been cut, it’s assembled by our master craftsman Gil from Abide Leatherworks in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, Mount Beauty in Victoria. Bringing over a decade of leather working experience, Gil's expertise honours the leather with impeccable execution.

As for the thread, we use a polyester blend because it has higher tensile strength and is less prone to fray than cotton. 

We're growing but will continue to stand by our values. That means supporting local businesses and craftsman, taking a hands-on approach to design and creating high-quality items you can cherish for years.



If you are looking for a better way to organise and simplify your every day, take a look at the new Money Clip Wallet. Focused on a minimal design that oozes style and practicality, it could be the greatest gift you ever give yourself... or a friend!

The Money Clip Wallet is available now in five different colour options — Graphite Grey, Black, Sand, Vintage Caramel and Vintage Chocolate.

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